Our Services

Whether your office space is 5,000 square feet or over 150,000 square feet, we can create a detailed cleaning program specific to your office or building. Services can be customized to meet daily, monthly and/or annual needs and include:

  • Removal of trash to on-site collection point designated by the client
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas including vestibules, hallways, fabric-covered cubicle partitions, and ceiling and floor vent systems*
  • Comprehensive cleaning of public and private restroom facilities
  • Cleaning interior window and mirrored surfaces
  • High-level dusting
  • Dry and damp mopping hard floor surfaces
  • Concentrated spot cleaning of stains on floors and walls
  • Machine scrubbing, re-sealing, finishing and/or waxing hard surfaced floors**
  • Shampooing carpeted areas

* Height not exceeding 15 feet ** Does not apply to rubber or high-gloss wood floors NOTE: Service estimate inquiries limited to one free quote plus one revision.

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